Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

By using the site, the visitor expressly agrees to the use of cookies.


A cookie is a small text file created and saved in the user’s computer, this happens in the moment the users visits the website. Cookie’s scope is to maintain the information concerning the visitor’s preferences, in order to improve the website functionalities,  to simplify the navigation automating some procedures such as login, language choice etc. Cookies are also used for the website statistics analysis.


Depending on the characteristics and on the cookies utilization we can distinguish them in different categories:

TECHNICAL COOKIES (strictly necessary)

Technical cookies are needed for the website to work correctly, they are utilized to manage the log-in procedure as well as access to reserved functions in the website. Cookies duration in strictly connected to the session, therefore until the browser closure. For this cookies typology no consents are needed.

Session technical cookies are essential in order to distinguish the connected users, and they are useful in order to avoid that a requested function is provided to the wrong user, they are also useful for security purposes and they avoid hacker’s attacks to the website. Session cookies don’t contain any personal information and they last only until the browser closure.


Analytics cookies are used to collect and to analyse the utilization of the website in an anonym way. These cookies, don’t identify the visitor, but they allow to know if the visitors connect to the website more than one time and in different moments. They also allow to monitor and improve the system. It’s possible to block these cookies without compromising the website  functioning.


These cookies are utilized in order to collect information concerning the utilization of the website by the users in an anonym way. The information concern the visited pages, the time spent visiting each single page, the way the visitors reach the website, geographic location, age and interests of the visitors, for marketing campaign purposes. These cookies are sent by third parties domains, in our case Google Analytics™.


This cookie typology integrates, inside the website pages, functions that has been developed by third parties, such as buttons and preferences expressed through social media channels in order to share the website contents and in order to use software services developed by third parties (e.g. maps softwares, video show and any other software that offers additional services). These cookies are sent by domains that belong to third parties and partners.

This info document is therefore not applicable to services provided by third parties, and this website hasn’t got any power of control on their cookies, entirely managed by third parties. The data transfer agreement is effectively made directly between the visitor (user) and the third parties; therefore the cookie policy acceptance has to be managed directly by the third parties, while this website doesn’t participate anyhow to this data transfer. The utilization information of this cookies, their scopes, and any eventual disabling, are provided directly by the third parties at the pages indicated in the section “ Cookies utilized in this website “.


Profiling cookies are permanent cookies utilized for identifying (anonymously or not) the user preferences, creating his profile, in order to send marketing messages studied and in line with the user expectations , inside the website pages. Our website doesn’t utilize such typology of cookies.


Google Analytics™

This website includes also some components transmitted by Google Analytics™, a software that analyses of the web traffic provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). It deals with analytics cookies that belong to third parties and that are collected and managed anonymously in order to monitor and improve the guest website performances.

Google Analytics™ utilizes the “cookies” in order to collect and analyse , anonymously, the information on the behaviour of the website users (including the user’s IP address). These information are collected by  Google Analytics™, that elaborates in order to create reports on the user’s activity. This website doesn’t utilize Google analysis tool to monitor and/or collect personal identification information.

Google doesn’t associate the IP address to any other information in possess of Google, Google doesn’t try to connect the IP address with an identity user. Google might communicate this information to third parties, weather this is a law duty or this is required by third parties that manage this information on behalf of Google.

For any other info, you can read more at the link below:

The user is able to deactivate through a selective way Google Analytics™ actions, installing on our browser the component opt-out provided by Google.

In order to deactivate Google Analytics™ action, you can read more at the link below:

Google Maps™

In order to generate interactive geographic maps we use a third party component: Google Maps™, owned by Google Inc. (“Google”). The information obtainable from the cookies installed by Google Maps™ will be transferred from the user’s browser to Google, that might utilize the collected data in order to customize the marketing announcements of its own marketing network. Deactivating Google Maps™ cookies the interactive maps might not be accessible.

You can read more on Google Maps™ at the following link:

Widget Video Youtube™ (Google Inc.)

Youtube™ it’s a social media platform owned byGoogle Inc. (“Google”), that is needed to view and share videos. Youtube™ utilizes cookies to collect information from users and networking devices. Deactivating Youtube™ cookies, the videos in this website might not be visible. For any other information on the data and their utilization by Google we recommend to read carefully the information on Google page:

Name Type Domain Expiry
PHPSESSID Technical Cookie Session
*_tracking_code Analytics Cookie 30 minutes
qtrans_cookie_test Technical Cookie Session
user_lang_nav Technical Cookie 30 minutes
NID Third Parties Technical Cookie 6 months
PREF Third Parties Technical Cookie 2 years
Where available the asterisk, the name of the cookie could inherit different names or random alphanumeric characters.


Cookies are saved in the utilized browser and they can be deactivated directly from the browser, it’s therefore possible to refuse and/or revoke selectively the consent to specific cookies utilization.

Attention: the deactivation (total or partial) of the technical cookies can compromise the utilization of the website functionalities reserved to registered users.

The most diffuse browsers allow to define different set-ups for the “proprietary” cookies and for the “third parties” ones.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer [mobile]



Safari [mobile]






This website might share some of the data collected with companies located outside the European Union. The transfer is authorized basing on the specific decisions of the European Union and the Guarantor for the privacy and personal information, therefor the consent is not needed.


In order to obtain information concerning the procedures to eliminate and manage cookies basing on the browser utilized, and in order to manage the preferences on the profiling cookies of third parties, you can refer to the third parties websites, otherwise you can find more at the following link:


Inside a dynamic environment such as internet, the control of the cookies that are saved by third parties through this website might not always be possible. For example, a page might contain elements integrated to other websites: text, documents, pictures and videos, all the material visible on this website, but saved on third parties websites.

May you find a cookie in this website, that is not indicated in the following info document, you are kindly asked to communicate it immediately. Otherwise, in alternative, feel free to contact directly the third party and to ask all the information on such cookie (scope, duration, and privacy guarantees). In case you notice that one page generates a cookie for a specific functionality (e.g. Google Map or Youtube video view), that in other pages – for the same functionality – is not generated, you might have met a provisory defaillance in that precise page. In this unforeseen case, we kindly ask you to inform us, in order for us to proceed as soon as possible verifying and solving the problem.


The owner of the website reserves the right to modify the contents of the website in any moment and without notice. The user accepts to be conditioned to any eventual and future review, and commits therefore to visit periodically the website to be informed on eventual variations.


The owner reserves the right to modify the contents of this info document in any moment and without any notice. The user accepts to be conditioned by any eventual and future variation and commits therefore to visit periodically the website to be informed on eventual variations.

Last update July 1, 2015